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The Average Moving Cost in Montreal
Montreal Movers’ Rates and Costs

Contacting moving companies in Montreal to ask about their prices seems like an easy job done. However, how can you make sure that their offers are reasonably priced?
Moving Cost

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of moving, especially in the heart of the prominent city of Montreal. It’s important to acknowledge reliable statistical information in order to estimate the average moving cost in Montreal properly.

Being the largest moving platform in Quebec, Gvota is here to help you. Our team has analyzed thousands of moving quotes requested through our platform to provide you with the necessary information. To make things simple, we have developed a strategy that will help you make estimations for your moving costs easily.

Use the following formula to calculate the average cost of moving in Montreal:

(Mover’s rate) X (Duration of the move) + (Additional fees) = Your moving COST

In the sections below, you can find the following components:

The average movers’ costs can differ based on the values mentioned. If you replace the components of the formula with the ones that correspond to your situation, you will obtain the average moving cost. Read on to find out more about each component that affects your average moving cost in Montreal and compare prices.

Movers’ rates for a residential move in Montreal

Use the table below to calculate your average moving cost in Montreal considering the period of your move. The movers’ rates vary based on two factors, whether or not you opt to move during a peak season, as well as the number of people needed to perform the moving process.
Keep in mind that, in most cases, prices are ±10 % plus more expensive on weekends and holidays.

Table 1.
The average rates of movers registered in the Gvota platform for a move in the greater Montreal area and Quebec.

PeriodRates with 2 menRates with 3 men
Jan 1 - Mar 3185 $105 $
Apr 1 - June 1590 $115 $
June 16 - June 1995 $140 $
June 20 - June 22100 $145 $
June 23 - June 26115 $160 $
June 27120 $160 $
June 28125 $160$
June 29130 $195 $
June 30150 $195 $
July 1160 $220 $
July 2115 $155 $
July 395 $120 $
July 4 - July 3190 $115 $
Aug 1 - Dec 3185 $105 $

The duration of the move according to the type of housing

Use the duration of the move (below) that corresponds to your type of housing to calculate the cost of moving.

Table 2.
The average duration of local relocations for the different types of accommodation, carried out by the movers of the Gvota platform.

Type of housingDuration with 2 menDuration with 3 men
Studio2-3 h-
2-3 hr-
3-4 hr-
4-6 hr3-5 hr
5-7 hr4-6 hr
Not recommended6-8 hr
7½ et plusNot recommended7-10 hr

Additional fees for the move.

Additional fees

It is recommended to carefully study all the additional fees that can be applied. When you request a quote, make sure to check that all additional fees are taken into account in the price of the mover. Moreover, this will help you avoid unpleasant surprises right before the relocation.

The most common additional fees that can be added to your average moving cost in Montreal include:

Travel expenses

Usually, movers start counting time as soon as their truck arrives at your starting address and stop counting when they finish the job. Additionally, they often charge travel costs that allow them to reimburse travel expenses to your departure address.

For a local move, in the greater Montreal area, the travel costs correspond to approximately ≈1 hour of the mover's rate.

(For example, if the mover’s rate = $90/hr, the traveling fees will approximately be $90 as well)

Mileage costs

Sometimes moving companies require mileage costs if the distance between the two addresses surpasses 30 km.

Mileage costs in the greater Montreal are equal to $1.50 - $2.00 for every additional kilometer

Piano costs

Whether you have an upright or grand piano, additional fees should be taken into account, which can significantly affect the moving costs. A piano is a heavy and valuable good, therefore it remains one of the most difficult objects to relocate.

The additional costs on the piano vary based on certain factors, including its type and difficulty of access. On the Gvota platform, the fees on the piano range between $250 - $550..

Costs for heavy or special objects

Some moving companies tend to charge extra for heavy or special items, such as an electric bed, a treadmill, and a grandfather clock. These are classified in a different category than ordinary goods because they display high value. The moving cost for each item ranges between $150 - $300 per object.

Here’s a list of heavy or special items:

  • Electric bed
  • Electric sofa
  • Marble tables
  • Glass tables
  • Grandfather clock
  • Large antique furniture
  • Treadmill
  • Gun safe
  • Swing
  • Spa
  • etc.

Safe costs

Relocating a safe or wardrobe requires additional fees because these are considered to be some of the heaviest items. A small safe with a height of 40 cm weighs over 250 kg. In order to move a safe, sometimes the use of special equipment is necessary.

The cost of moving a safe ranges between $150 - $500.

Cost for accessories

Usually, movers don't charge a fee for moving items like mattress bags or wardrobe boxes because they pick them up last. However, if you opt for keeping these accessories in your new home, the following fees will be charged:

  • Mattress bag ≈ $5 / each
  • Wardrobe boxes ≈ $15 / each

Insurance costs

Some moving companies charge a fee to include the insurance in your contract. This amount can vary between $ 20 - $ 30.

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Deduction for moving expenses

Did you know that it’s possible to deduct the moving costs?

According to Revenu Québec, you can claim a deduction for your moving expenses, if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You moved in order to take up employment duties, carry on a business, practise a profession or attend an educational institution at which you were enrolled full time in a post-secondary program.
  2. Your new residence is at least 40 kilometres closer to your new place of study or work (even if your work is seasonal).

For detailed information on the deduction of moving expenses, visit the Revenu Québec website.

Moving on a budget

We have already tackled all the necessary information that will help you to properly estimate the moving cost, that is, to get an idea of ​​the cost of your move.

Now, let’s move to moving at a low cost. What does it mean? Our team believes that it refers to high-quality service at a reasonable price.

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  • Most of them offer different kinds of discounts (for seniors, for students, etc.)
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Also, there are numerous ways to reduce the moving costs. Read more..

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When and how to get free moving quotes?

A lot of people believe it’s best to start looking for a reliable moving company a month prior to moving day.

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Moving is a seasonal service. During peak seasons, moving companies tend to be extremely busy; therefore, it will be challenging to find a mover during certain periods. Even if you are moving in a few months, it is essential to start looking for a mover as soon as possible.

Try to get as many quotes as you can. According to our team’s research, you will need 4-5 quotes to receive reasonable moving prices.

Once you decide on the quote that is the most convenient to your requirements, try to reserve them instantly before another client fills the space.

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