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Our story

The story of Gvota starts in 2014 when one of our fellow co-founders was planning his move in Montreal. He soon realized that the moving process is full of pitfalls and sat down to find a professional moving help. Turned out it was not that easy either.

About GvotaAfter browsing the web for a while he found out that the Internet was indeed a tricky place: all the moving companies had the nicest websites, only positive feedback, and an excellent track record of previous moves. However, it was clear that the vast majority of feedback was fictitious or, at the very minimum, heavily filtered. Reviews on third party websites and business directories didn't feel trustworthy either due to lack of attestation, that these reviews were made by real customers and not by some friends and family, or sometimes even by competitors to intentionally downplay the competition. So it was almost impossible to distinguish the best mover. The only reliable source left were recommendations from friends and relatives. So that's what our co-founder ended up doing- hired a moving company recommended by a friend. Guess what? The move was a total disappointment. Despite the initial estimation, the whole moving process took twice as long and not only cost him a fortune but also left him with several damaged items and no compensation from the company. This just showed that there was no real control over the moving industry and people often had to deal with incompetent movers.

This is when the idea of a professional platform that would unite moving companies came. A place where people could swiftly receive and compare multiple moving quotes from verified and insured movers, and check out verified feedback left from previous customers. A place where people could choose the best moving offer online from the comfort of their seats with no extra effort and stress. He shared his ideas with his two other friends who liked it and got on board.

In 2015, after bringing together a small team of young enthusiasts, Gvota came to life. Starting with just a few moving companies the startup rapidly grew to onboard many reputable moving companies in Greater Montreal. Since its launch, hundreds of satisfied customers and a positive feedback loop helped to further refine the service, and validate the demand.

As Gvota continues to grow, we are expanding our borders to include other major cities in Canada and the US.

Now Gvota is a team of dedicated professionals who share the vision and values of our community. We care about service quality and work tirelessly to keep both our customers and the moving companies happy.

Our Mission & Vision

Gvota took on a mission to transform the entire moving industry. We aim to enable stress-free moving all over North America by connecting great moving companies with great people in a transparent, reliable, and efficient manner.

Pursuing our mission we have designed an optimized fill-in moving form which makes it much easier both for the customers and the movers to request and compare moving quotes. We have made the process starting from requesting an online moving quote to accepting the offer and, eventually, the moving much smoother and easier.

As the world continues going online, we will add more user-friendly features that will ensure trouble-free and contact-free service. All the moves will be insured so that no customer is left dissatisfied.

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