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Use Gvota to find new contracts and grow your business.

How does it work? Just 3 easy steps to obtain a new contract

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1 Find a moving request

  • Browse moving requests published by customers
  • Choose a request that you can fulfill
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2 Bid on request

  • Carefully review request details
  • Come up with your own offer and place your bid
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3 Get a contract

  • Get notified when customer accepts your bid
  • Start executing your offer

With Gvota you increase your sales and profits


To find and attract new customers businesses spend lots of money each year. Costs are adding up real fast – flyers, local ads, website, internet ads and marketing campaigns, and not even to start on sales and marketing labor… It becomes obvious that self-employed professionals, startups and small-to-medium businesses have no chance to compete with well-established companies in the market.

But should it be so?
Should a good mover also be a marketing genius or spend thousands to earn new contracts?

At Gvota, we believe NOT.
Competition should be based strictly on quality of service and competitive pricing. is your cost-effective solution to find new contracts. You no longer need to spend lots of money to earn new contracts. Simply browse and find them on Gvota website. Start browsing moving requests, make your offers and grow your business.

Are you looking for new customers?

Create your Moving Company account and start receiving new requests.

We think WIN-WIN!

Gvota is like your business partner. Our job is to find and attract new customers, yours – to make offers and provide a high quality service.

With Gvota you have nothing to lose - you can only win!

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With Gvota you Save your time

Photo is designed with convenience in mind. We value your time and understand that browsing new requests frequently on Gvota website can be time consuming.

Gvota notification system will automatically search and notify you whenever a new moving request found matching your criteria. You don’t have to spend literally any time on Gvota website. Simply Sign Up on Gvota as a moving company and start receiving new moving requests to your specified email address.

No extra pages to monitor, no extra tools to learn – simply save your time and focus on your business.