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Compagnie de Déménagement


Qu'est-ce que Gvota? est un service gratuit en ligne qui aide les gens à trouver la meilleure offre pour leur déménagement avec moins de temps et d'effort. Gvota est le moyen le plus rapide et pratique au Québec pour obtenir des soumissions de déménagement.

Consultez notre courte vidéo pour voir comment cela fonctionne.

Je ne reçois aucun courriel de la part de Gvota. Que faire?

1. Make sure you used the correct email address when registered to Gvota.

Browse to login page and use your expected email address and your Gvota password to login to your account. If you fail to login that can be an indication that you have used a different email address or misstyped it during the registration. Contact us and we will fix it.

If you can successfully login, that means you used the correct email, continue reading.

2. Make sure Gvota emails are not getting into your email spam.

Check out your spam folder to make sure the e-mails from are not ending up there. In order not to miss any future communication, make sure to add to your contacts list.

If you still do not see any emails from, please contact us and our support will assist you.


Pourquoi les méthodes traditionnelles pour trouver des compagnies de déménagement ne sont-elles ni pratiques ni productives aujourd'hui?

Traditional methods to find movers have many unresolved problems that Gvota attempts to address. Let’s walk through the typical steps one takes in traditional model to find the best mover for his needs.

Step-1: Searching and compiling a list of candidate movers who can potentially fulfill your needs

At this stage, you usually talk to your relatives and friends to find out which movers did they use in the past and if they would recommend them. You also search the internet and local yellow pages to find out movers that provide services in your area.

This is already a tedious task, but most importantly you usually miss many good candidates already on this first stage of the process.
Why? Because many small and medium-size movers usually do not have enough budget to buy their presence in the online marketing battle, so you simply don’t come across their profiles in your search results. However, these are the moving companies that usually make significantly lower quotes and provide exceptional quality services just to win new customers.

Gvota addresses this problem by making it possible for all these movers to come online and be able to instantly see and respond to your moving request. You no longer need to waste your time to compile your own candidate movers list. Gvota takes care of it. You simply post your free request on Gvota and hundreds of interested movers see it immediately.

Step-2: Time for the shopping - getting quotes from these movers

Ok, say you compiled the list of potential movers all by yourself, great! The next step is to sit down and give each one a call.

Not only this requires plenty of time and ability to make long phone calls, but also very inconvenient and unproductive.
With every new call you make, you wait on the line again, then repeat your needs again, and clarify the exact same questions, and answer to almost identical questions... What is this if not a huge waste of time?

And it doesn't end there of course. Every mover that you call, attempts to use the chance and hard-sell his services. Sometimes they even call you back multiple times to check if you found anyone else and simply put to remind about their service.

For most people, this whole process ends after 2-3 calls when they realize they just cannot invest more time. Fewer the movers - fewer the quotes, and accordingly higher the chance that you are missing some great opportunity out there.

But is there an alternative?

Gvota addresses it by doing the work for you behind the scenes. You place your moving request only once, and Gvota automatically notifies potential movers in your area to review and make quotes for you. You spend literally no extra time on it, no repeating, no phone calls, no disturbance.

Plus, Gvota keeps your contact details completely confidential until the moment when you choose a mover. That prevents moving companies from calling you in the middle of your work to attempt convincing you to hand them the job.

Last but not least, movers in Gvota obviously know they are inevitably competing for your business among many competitors, and oftentimes they make you the absolute best quote possible to win the competition right there and then. And we know you can only welcome this.

Step-3. Comparing quotes and choosing the best offer available

Alright, say you managed to get 2-3 quotes using traditional methods. What's next?

Well, it is time to compare these quotes and the movers and make a decision. But how? How to compare these movers? How to learn about their reputation, their quality of service, whether they are working fast or slow, whether they respect verbally agreed price and not try to come up with excuses to ask for more during the actual move?

Sometimes your one and only resort is to check out the information on their own websites. But, this still does not convince you as you understand that the website's content is in their complete control...

Enter Gvota.

Our platform is carefully designed to assist you in this step too.
First, movers are making you quotes using well-thought, common form, which allows you to easily compare your received quotes item by item.
Secondly, our platform independently collects feedback from people each time the move is completed. People rate the mover and leave him a feedback to let others take an informed decision when considering the mover in the future. There is not much left for you to do, but to simply check out the past feedback which is available to you with every quote you receive.

Quels avantages ont les clients quand ils utilisent Gvota ?

Save time, stress less
You don't need to waste time:

- looking for reputable moving companies
- making repeated phone calls for moving quotes
- investigating movers' reputations
- waiting all day for estimators to show up

Get unlimited moving quotes, effortlessly

Get the lowest moving prices
Gvota is a competitive marketplace where movers bid for your business.

To win their bid, movers often bid lower than their regular rates, saving you money!

4. Reliable rating and feedback system
At Gvota, we care about your moving experience. With our feedback and rating system, you can easily vet moving companies and hold them accountable for the quality of their service.

To post a new request

Quand et à qui je dois payer pour le service ?

You always pay directly to the moving company who you chose to perform your moving. Typically you pay after the moving is finished, but this may vary. When the mover contacts you after you accept his offer on Gvota, feel free to clarify with him the conditions and accepted methods of payment.

If you have any specific conditions regarding the payment, you may specify these in your moving request description.

J'ai récemment publié ma demande de déménagement sur Gvota. Quelle est la prochaine étape?

You can now relax as Gvota takes care of automatically matching your request to movers and inviting them to make you moving quotes. Each time a mover makes you a quote, we will send you an email notification, so that you can check out the quote details. For now simply let it some time for movers to review your request details and make you quotes.

Your next step is to choose an offer and accept it on Gvota to book your move. Once you receive enough quotes and you are ready to move on with any particular offer, accept it on Gvota and the mover will contact you.

J’ai récemment accepté une soumission. Quelle est la prochaine étape?

Once you accept an offer we attempt to immediately contact and notify your mover. He is informed to contact you during the next 24h following your accept in order to confirm the reservation.

Please note, that your acceptance does not automatically mean your reservation is confirmed. Your mover must explicitly confirm your reservation by specifying the moving date and the time.

If your mover contacts you and verbally confirms your reservation, it is important to ask him make the confirmation also on Gvota website so that you always keep a record of it. Once he confirms your reservation on Gvota, we will notify you by email.

In rare cases, if your mover has not contacted you within the 24h, try to reach him directly using his contact information. If you cannot reach him either you may
contact us to assist you in resolving the problem.

Comment écrire les commentaires de qualité?

Leaving a quality feedback to your mover is very important. By doing that, you help thousands of future customers to learn from your experience when considering an offer from your mover. It also helps movers a great deal to receive positive evaluation for their next contracts.

Here are some points that can help you make an objective evaluation:

Be objective - Focus on what the mover did well as well as what do you think could have been done better.

Focus on the provided service, and not the person - Try to keep your emotions in check. Focus on the actions of the mover, and not the person.

Be specific - Take the time to describe the details and be specific to explain what you like and dislike during your move.

Never attempt to promote nor play down a mover in exchange to any sort of compensation. That is a fraud!

Quels sont les conseils de sécurité à suivre par le client ? is a free online marketplace working as an intermediary between you and the best moving companies in Montreal and all over Quebec to ensure its customers the most affordable and most reliable services.
Our stuff verifies each and every moving company before letting them make any quotes on Gvota platform.

However, you must not skip doing your due diligence when choosing the company and dealing with them directly. Here are some safety tips that can come handy for you:

1. When mover contacts you to confirm the reservation, do your due diligence to ensure you are talking indeed with the representative of the moving company you were expecting. Be cautious when asked to make any down payments over the phone.

2. Make sure to walk through your request details with him and make sure he understands all the specifics and properly took them into account in his offer.

3. On the moving day, ensure you are indeed dealing with the representatives of the moving company before they start the move. Ask for ID if you have any doubts.

Compagnie de Déménagement

Comment puis-je devenir un déménagemeur sur Gvota?

To become a mover on Gvota you need to register your moving company account on Gvota. It is completely Free and should not take you more than a few minutes.

Once we receive your complete registration form, our stuff members will validate the information and will activate your account if no further clarification is required.

Should our stuff have additional questions they will contact you. Make sure you add email address to your mail contacts list to ensure timely delivery of our notifications.