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Gvota online marketplace will help you find cost-efficient service suppliers.

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  • Describe the service you need
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  • Service suppliers make you offers
  • Quotes come to your email (no phone calls, no disturbance)
  • Compare the offers and prices
  • Check out suppliers' ratings and feedback
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Why Gvota
  • FREE and convenient way to find your service supplier
  • Up to 70% savings on services
  • Time saving
  • Unlimited competitive offers
  • Reliable ratings and feedback system
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Gvota gives a FREE, fast and convenient way
to find your service supplier

Find your service supplier

Traditional methods to manually find service suppliers for your needs have proven to be time consuming and unproductive. You can learn more about it here. Instead, Gvota designed a unified process flow to help you overcome the traditional challenges. It gives you all the necessary tools to find, evaluate and choose a supplier.

It aims to make your whole experience smooth and pleasant.

Placing a new service request on Gvota is completely FREE, easy and convenient. No hidden fees! Furthermore, you are not obliged to choose any offer. You can even use Gvota to simply learn the cost of your project.

With Gvota you have nothing to lose – you can only save your time and money.

You can save Up to 70% on your services

The moment you publish your service request we automatically notify Gvota service suppliers and they start competing for your request. You get the chance to receive offers not only from well established large companies, but also from small and medium ones and even from individuals.

True and transparent competition ultimately drives to high quality service and better prices and helps you as a customer to save your money and time.

Save Up to 70% on your services

Review feedback left by other customers

to choose service suppliers who care about service quality

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With Gvota you save your time

Save your time

On Gvota you no longer have to look for suppliers yourself. You simply place your request and the suppliers find you themselves. This is the key to help you significantly save your time.

Still having doubts? Let's see:

  • You no longer spend time to find supplier contacts. We got it covered.
  • You no longer spend time waiting for suppliers on the phone.
  • You no longer excuse yourself at work to talk to suppliers. Quotes are coming to your email instead. No phone calls, no disturbance.
  • You no longer repeat your needs over and over to each supplier individually. You describe it only once when you are placing your request.
  • You no longer spend your time to compile supplier reputation from various sources. At Gvota, supplier independent feedback and ratings are available to you with each offer you receive.

Unlimited competitive offers

You may have tried already reaching out to service suppliers by yourself in order to get and compare many quotes for your request. How many did you afford to contact? Don't you think sometimes you could have found much better offer if you had more time?

That's right – it's your lack of time that limits you to find better offers, because you have to spend time to contact each new supplier individually.

Gvota online marketplace takes this problem completely out of your shoulders. You simply place your request on Gvota once which automatically gets distributed to dozens of service suppliers. You literally spend no time! Suppliers individually evaluate your request and send you offers.

No valid offer is filtered and full bidding transparency is maintained to let you make your own informed choice at your convenience.

Unlimited competitive offers

Place your request now

and compare quotes received from service suppliers

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Reliable ratings and feedback system

Ratings and feedback system

It's a common problem to evaluate the service supplier before accepting the offer. Does the supplier provide a quality service?

Most of the information on the supplier available online does not yet convey the true reputation, because it is hard to judge whether or not it was posted or controlled by the supplier itself. With ever-growing marketing tricks and techniques various suppliers attempt to attract new customers by sharing feedback that sometimes has nothing to do with reality.

If so, then where can one find reliable sources that share real feedback about supplier?

To help you address this problem Gvota includes a secure and reliable feedback system. Each time a service supplier provides a service, Gvota invites and encourages the customer to rate the supplier's work and leave a feedback. This allows Gvota to ensure each feedback is tracked back to actual work that has been performed for a customer.

Gvota feedback and rating system helps our customers like you to build a knowledgebase about service suppliers and hold them accountable for their provided quality of service.